Chairbound Sportsman 501(c)(3)

EIN # 36-4768514


Founded: 2014
President: Warren Vaughn
Board Members: 
Kenneth Vaughn Sr.
Virginia Vaughn
Bill Bethers
Carrie Newman
Ken Vaughn
Fred Barber

Our Background

We create hunting, fishing and outdoor opportunities for wheelchair bound individuals and Disabled Veterans. Outdoor Activities are hard enough but retrieving game is next to impossible. With our volunteers we can help with the hard stuff and make their outings a success. Our Goal is to offer experiences to those that thought they could never get into the outdoors again. Volunteers, Landowners and Sponsors are Critical to our success.

What We’re Doing

Over the last four years we have operated as the Utah chapter of Chairbound Hunters of Wyoming. My grandson is a paraplegic in a wheelchair and has been able to hunt with them for Antelope and Deer over the years. After seeing first hand the great things Chairbound Hunters was able to do for many people, I received permission to run a chapter in Utah. Now that we have been able to grow large enough we have applied and received our own 501(c)(3) Chairbound Sportsman. We are able to branch out and do more than hunting and continue to make the outdoors possible.

Kenneth Vaughn Sr.


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