The 4-Mile Hunting Club in Nephi Utah is one of the largest pheasant growers in the state and they offer a variety of bird hunts to the general public. They have a wonderful club house and great field hunting with varying terrain. For experienced hunters or a first timer this is the place to come and hunt upland game. The pheasants and chukars raised here at 4 Mile are long feathered and hard flying birds that are sure to please. Scott Bateman and several of his hunting friends set up a group pheasant hunt at 4-Mile Hunting Club in south Nephi for Chairbound Sportsman and several Disabled Veterans. Clint Boswell brought his dog as did two other volunteers. We had eleven shooters in the morning and seven in the afternoon. Three Air Force Cadets came as volunteers to help with this event. Two military veterans were set up as backup shooters as well. One other Chairbound man attended to witness the dogs in action and be part of the event. He brought his own ActionTrack electric chair so he could join in the action. The owner, Earl Sutherland and his family were excellent hosts and made the entire hunting experience great for our group. Scott and his hunting buddies modified four 4- wheelers with seats up front and the paraplegic hunters were lifted up and strapped in. This gave good visibility for them and a volunteer drave the 4-wheelers. Then the dog handlers and dogs searched for pheasants. The weather was warm and sunny. The dogs did a great job locating pheasants and seemed to have as much fun as the hunters. A total of 40 pheasants were put in the fields, whereas, the group shot about 16 of them. The group stretched out in a line on the large field chosen and moved forward slowly. Dogs went on point and pheasants were flying and shotguns a blazing, including one hunter who used a 410 pistol called “The Judge”. This gave the hunter quicker reaction time and better accuracy. Some of the birds would run instead of flying but all in all the shooters got lots of shots off. The group hunted the morning and then had a very nice lunch provided by Scott and Kristi Bateman and Clint Boswell. After the afternoon hunt several members shot clay pigeons until they ran out of ammo. Volunteers cleaned the birds and put them into ice bags. Most of the hunters were able to take home pheasant meat as well.  

Thank you to Everyone Helping make days like this happen.

2015 Activities

2015 Pheasant Hunt