​"Chairbound Sportsmans provided me with opportunities to go hunting that were never in my sights after my spinal cord injury. Since working with them, I’ve hunted animals I’ve never hunted before, I’ve gone places that my wheelchair would never typically be able to take me, and I’ve had so many great experiences with other people in similar situations who have quickly become friends. The volunteers with Chairbound Sportsmans are educated, friendly, and determined to provide fun and adventurous outings for anyone in a wheelchair. The connections I’ve made, the friendships I’ve developed, and the experiences I’ve had are priceless. Chairbound Sportsmans has become a big part of my life, and I’m grateful for all their hard work to create a positive experience for me and so many others."

Porter Hancock

2018 Sheep Hunt

2017 Moose Hunt

Russell Bridges Big Bull Elk Hunt at 2-Bear CWMU in Northern Utah. This hunt was donated by the CWMU owners and Guides Kim and Kerry Rolfe. Russell was aUS Army Wounded Warrior, Staff Sergeant medically retired. He is married with 5 children. Note a 2nd Wounded Warrior, David Smith was also on the hunt and sponsored by Hunts For The Brave and both hunts were filmed by Adam Eakle for KSL % Outdoors.

Thank you to Everyone Helping put this hunt together.

“Chairbound Sportsman has been such a special gift to me and my family. I have been able to go on a sheep hunt and a turkey hunt, something I wouldn’t have been able to do without Chairbound Sportsman and the generosity of the volunteers. What a wonderful group of amazing people!”

 Heather Terry

2017 Turkey Hunt

Moose Hunt for Rick Werry, age 34 married with two young twin boys. Rick was injured in a construction accident 10 years ago and is confined to a wheelchair. He was lucky to have a dream hunt for a bull moose.

Rick says: “Chairbound Sportsman is about building lasting friendships bonded through outdoor experiences that are unforgettable.”

Thank you to Everyone Helping make days like this happen.

2017 Elk Hunt